would like to invite you to
17. annual meeting of both Mini owners and classic British cars fans

17th NarozeMini 2014

September 2014 from Friday 26th to Sunday 28
Hotel Rusava

Rallye Monte Rusava 2014

The event including navigation rally is mainly organized for Mini cars, the other British cars are also welcome.

This year we celebrate not only the 55th anniversary of the start of production mini, but also event that contributed the most to his glory:

50 years since mini victory on Rallye Monte Carlo

To celebrate the anniversary could not choose any other location than Hostyn hills with a proven base at hotel RUSAVA. The hotel is located on GPS coordinates: 49 20'35 .627 "N, 17 41'16 .507" E or on the Map.

As usual - for participants are prepared a completely new and non-traditional tasks.
Right at the beginning is one big NEWS.

Rallye Monte Rusava starts almost in your homes in these locations this time:
Praha: petrol station BENZINA, Podbradsk, GPS: 50.1037178N, 14.5272864E
Brno: petrol station BENZINA, Hviezdoslavova 1276/1 GPS: 49.1834375N, 16.6714708E
Ostrava: petrol station BENZINA, Krmelnsk 971/2a, GPS: 49.7812536N, 18.2704411E
Bratislava: petrol station OMV Lamask cesta 1B GPS: 48.1751797N, 17.0653597E
Trenn: petrol station SLOVNAFT, KUBRANSK, GPS: 48.8942200N, 18.0647997E
Wroclaw: BP, aleja Karkonoska 63, GPS: 51.061142, 16.993850
Katowice: rednicwka. Stacja BP, Feliksa Bocheskiego 119, GPS: 50.2593800N, 18.9853597E
Wien: Tankstelle MW Brnner Strasse 172 GPS: 48.2814200N, 16.4117097E
Budapest: OMV 2096 RM, GPS: 47.5850000N, 18.9984097E
Gyr: OMV tltllomsok, Szent Istvn t GPS: 48.1751797N, 17.0653597E
Maribor: Petrol Maribor Partizanska, GPS: 46.5648197N, 15.6588500E
Minsk: United Company Gas Station, praspiekt Dziarynskaha 132, GPS: 53.844712, 27.470234
Kisinau: Rompetrol Calea orheiului 28, GPS: 47.043533, 28.847387
Kyiv: Lukoil Peremohy 38, GPS: 50.453362, 30.455146
Nrnberg: JET Tankstelle, Regensburger Strae 286, GPS: 49.435127, 11.124174

What does that mean?
The legendary Rallye Monte Carlo was organized as star car rally, which means crews have established places in different cities where they start towards the rally center - similar start to this year's NarozeMini:
If you print this report and get it stamped date of a petrol station from one of the sites above which will not be earlier than August 26, 2014 you get first points in the competition of Rallye Monte Rusava.

Rallye Monte Rusava 2014

Praha 298 km Brno 90 km Ostrava 90 km Bratislava 220 km
Trenn 100 km Wroclaw 320 km Katowice 180 km Wien 220 km
Budapest 410 km Gyr 290 km Maribor 470 km Minsk 1020 km
Kisinau 1200 km Kyiv 1100 km Nrberg 580 km    

17th NarozeMini 2014
Friday, 26th from 16:00 – Registration
free program all day, individual sightseeing
20:00 – Opening Ceremony
21:00 – Start of 1st stage - Night Rally
Saturday, 27th 9:00 – Start of NarozeMini navigation rally
19:00 – Dinner
21:00 – We will announce your results! NarozeMini party
Saturday, 28th free program all day, individual sightseeing
14:00 – End of NarozeMini

Entrance fee per car: 450,- CZK (approx. 20 )
Fee for night rally: 50,- CZK (approx. 2 )

Booking how to take part in Rally & accomodation:

additional questions by e-mail: , or call: +420 602827172 or +420 602770206 english, german, polish, russian spoken.
Registration is open only till 22.9.2013 under conditions here mentioned, especially is necessary to fill the Registration form and press the button OK
Capacity of hotel is hudge, but dont hesitate with registration, please.

Price for accomodation:
Hotel I pers./night 450 CZK (approx. 17)
Hotel II pers./night 250 CZK (approx. 10)
Cottage cottage/night 650 CZK (approx. 25)
Bungalow pers./night 110 CZK (approx. 5),

Also please choose from two types of dishes for dinner:
Price for each is 95 CZK (approx. 4).

Also is possible to have continental breakfast for 85 CZK (approx. 4 ).

This year again we start with Night stage Rally on Friday evening at 9 pm.
Its noncompulsory part of Rally. Just for fun.
Saturdays Rally starts at 9am from campsite and length of this day trip should be less than 60 miles through beautiful countryside of Hostyn's hills.

Please mention that many bikers will be on the roads also.

Further information will be continuously replenished.
Looking forward to seeing you

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